Blackjack Myths To Avoid

There are several blackjack myths that you can avoid in order to drastically increase your odds of winning more often.

- Myth #1: The main object of blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible.
While 21 will ensure a win, the actual focus is to have a better hand than the dealer. Although this may sound basic, if you think of this instead of focusing on 21, you will win more hands. Too often, a player will hit when basic blackjack strategy would have been to stand after seeing what the dealer has been dealt.

- Myth #2: Your Dealer Is Hot Or Cold:
Do not blame the dealer on the delivery of the cards or follow him around the casino thinking that he is the lucky one. Your choices in blackjack determine how much you win or lose. The dealer follows house rules and has no impact on which cards you are dealt.

- Myth #3: A Dealer’s Best Up Card Is A Deuce:
This is often thought because only a 10 could bust a hand (assuming he had 10+2 dealt to him). However, statistically speaking, you will lose more hands where the dealer’s up card is a 10 or an ace.

- Myth #4: “It’s Got To Be My Turn To Win!”:
If a dealer is winning consecutive hands for a while and you continue to get dealt bad cards, you might wish to think that “now’s my time” and want to bet big. Statistically you will win 48% of the time playing blackjack over a very long period of time. One session at one table does not apply. Continue to play based on basic strategy, and not on perceived notions of the deck owing you.

- Myth #5: Bad Players At The Table Make You Lose Money:
It is true that real bad plays can affect the outcome of other player’s hands in the game, but some bad plays can also be a benefit depending on the scenario. So, it will actually even itself out. An important addition to this myth is to not get angry. If there’s a player that’s bothering you that much, move to another table. Besides not being worth the time and energy to get worked up, the anger will actually throw you off your own game.